Benefits of the BlitzTank System

*Huge $$$$ savings: - reduced labour, less water and detergent/chemical costs, therefore    positive cost of ownership/rental.

*Eliminates the need for scrubbing, thus allowing staff to concentrate on other chores within    the kitchen.

*Superior to conventional cleaning methods, eliminates the use of caustic cleaners, resulting in    a safer, more hygienic working environment.

*Operates 24/7, giving you a virtual labour force day and night for less than $9 per day!

*Service cycle interval of approximately 4 weeks

*Eliminates carbon and baked on fats.

*Cleans range hood/extraction filters removing oil and grease, thereby reducing the risk of fire.

*Used to clean grills, stove tops, gas cooking rings, gastronomic trays, as well as pots, pans etc…

*User friendly tanks, meeting all OHS standards.

*Safe and easy to use

*Detergents are biodegradable, non-caustic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally    friendly.

*Food safe complient detergents.

*Specialized chemicals for stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium equipment.

*Keeps kitchen equipment and utensils in optimum condition, thus providing a longer life span.

*Various tank sizes available to meet the requirements of most establishments (we can also    manufacture to your requirements).

*No lock in contracts

*Simple, Fast, Effective and Cost Efficient