Product Features


Tanks : Our tanks are manufactured from insulated double walled “304” Food Grade Stainless Steel. The award winning BlitzTank system is designed in line with occupational health and safety standards, with safety being paramount.

Our Tanks feature an easy load basket system with large attachment points, making the process of loading / unloading heavy items an easy one. Incorporated in our design is a lid safety locking mechanism to prevent injuries. Our new actuator tanks are fully automated version of the original manual lift type tank. Information about sizing and pricing is available on request.

All tanks are thermostatically controlled with an option of either a red light indicator or fully automated temperature display unit.

Detergents: Our range of proprietary detergents are FOOD SAFE and manufactured in Australia to exacting specifications and strict safety standards thereby eliminating supply or manufacturing concerns.

Important Information:

All detergents used in the BlitzTank system are caustic free, biodegradable alkaline powder. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive as well as being environmentally friendly and will remove grease and baked on fats from all kitchen equipment, without damage to the parent material.
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