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Matthew Fraser


Having been in business for over 20 years i'm always looking for ways to save money and increase productivity. Blitztank has saved me thousands of dollars while at the same time delivering top service. My staff absolutely love it- it makes cleaning of equipment simple and easy. It even cleans items that could not be hand cleaned, or even with very strong chemicals. I could not imagine life without it. Thank you blitztank!

Ryan de Villiers

Blu Grill Restaurant

As a restaurant operator, we are always looking for the easiest way to clean the respective pots and pans after a service. Over time they become blackened with carbon. When we came across Blitz Tank, the solution could not have been clearer. We were spending hours on the cleaning to what the Blitz Tank could do in thirty minutes.The result was amazing. The pots went from used to looking practically brand new again. They offer a one month free trial period to not only back the product but show us how easy and efficiently it works. From doing soiled pans to grill tops and burners. They all came out looking clean and new again.The best part about their system is that there are no chemicals involved. They use biodegradable enzyme salts which work with normal water. It is that easy. Leave in for the required amount of time and rinse off. Done.The Blitz Tank system works and works a treat. There was no sales pitch required as Blitz Tank stand 100 percent behind their product. Who would offer a 1 month free trial if they didn’t? Blitz tank has honestly saved the restaurant, time and money, in the cleaning and maintaining of the kitchen equipment. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any business where Blitz tank would help them.


Nando’s Tuart Hill


Gavin Kruck

Regional General Manager WA & NT | Nandos Australia

Blitz Tank has been supplying Nando’s Western Australia for 5 years and in this time has become an integral part of our system.From the supply of tanks to the ongoing servicing, Blitz Tank have work with over 42 restaurants in Perth Metro area and beyond, helping franchisees and company personnel maintain cleanliness within our kitchens.The many different size tank available, mean despite the size of some kitchen layouts, we have always found a way to get tanks in.The servicing is always timely and the management team of Blitz Tank are constantly searching for new innovative ways to help out.Blitz Tank have developed kitchen tools that are now mandatory items within our system nationwide, inclusive of stainless steel handled grill brushes and the latest innovation, the filter removal tool. It is always a pleasure to work with Blitz Tank and they are true partners within our brand. We would highly recommend their services to any business.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Hall & Prior

I am writing to let you know how happy we have been with Blitztank. Our company is really pleased with the results that we have achieved, with the cleaning of the huge volume of food trays that we are using on a daily basis, as well as our extraction filters.Your soak tank has certainly made our kitchen staff’s work load easier, especially with the removal of all the glue residue from the labeling on our hundreds of trays. Not only has it saved time, thus allowing kitchen staff to concentrate on other tasks at hand, it has also proven to be more effective. The tank also does a great job of ensuring that our filters are always clean.I want to thank you and your team for your continued good service and would not hesitate in recommending your product in any commercial kitchen. 

Rohan Wills

Australian College of Applied Education

The recent inclusion of Blitztank into our business operations has significantly changed the way we train our commercial cookery and patisserie students. We’re now able to spend more time perfecting cooking skills and less time scrubbing dishes.The Blitztank also makes short work of canopy filters, we have fifty in our kitchens and Blitztank has saved us a lot of dollars, as the filters come out like new in 30 minutes.In the short time of having the tank in our kitchens the tank has not only improved the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, but also improved the psychology of the students and how they approach their cooking.This is truly a product that delivers as described. 

Adrian Burke

Franchisee Domino's Applecross

 Domino's Applecross has been using the Blitztank for the past 4 months and we have experienced fantastic results. We use the tank for cleaning our pans, lids and many other things.The tank strips back any build up from oil and flour and now has our equipment looking like brand new. No amount of scrubbing could ever get the same result the Blitztank has. We recently received full marks on an inspection conducted by the City of Melville and we attribute a big part of that result to what the Blitztank has been able to do for us.The service provided by Brian and Sol has been excellent. I highly recommend the products and services provided by Blitztank to any food related business.  

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